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This week's fresh selection

Saltwort 100g (Yamagata)

378JPY ≈ 26.95 HK$

Green Onion 80g

248JPY ≈ 17.68 HK$

White Asparagus 500g (E...

1,998JPY ≈ 142.43 HK$

Chinese Chive 100g (Aichi)

218JPY ≈ 15.54 HK$

国産 ほっくりおいしい!冷凍皮むき済み里芋200g

450JPY ≈ 32.08 HK$

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    Orders more than 10,000JPY: Free
    *Two temperature storage additional shipping charge
    Orders less than 10,000JPY: 500JPY
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