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Delivery fees waived with any purchase of 6,000 yen or more! Even if you purchase both frozen and chilled products, Additional handling fees waived with any purchase of 8,000 yen or more!

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Delivery Passport Membership Terms and Conditions

Oisix Inc. (hereinafter the "Company"), established the Delivery Passport Membership Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the "Terms"). The Terms are affiliated with Oisix Terms of Use and Oisix Membership Terms, and they apply as a whole.

1. (Definitions)
Definitions of terminology used in the Terms are listed as below:
(1) "Member", refers to anyone who has agreed to the Oisix Membership Terms and Oisix Terms of Use agreement; has completed membership registration as outlined by Oisix; who makes requests to purchase items from the Company (this includes Oisix Hong Kong and third part business affiliates); and has been approved by Oisix.
(2) "Oisix Hong Kong Member," refers to anyone who is subjected to the Oisix Membership Terms, and has registered as an Oisix member in Hong Kong.
(3) "Delivery Passport Member", refers to anyone among Oisix Hong Kong members, who has registered for a Delivery Passport, agreed to the Delivery Passport Membership Terms, and paid the fixed Delivery Passport membership fees (hereinafter the "Membership Fees"), after which able to deploy the membership during membership validity period.
(4) "Delivery Passport Member", when Oisix Delivery Passport member shops on the e-commerce website of Oisix Hong Kong (hereinafter the " Website "), and places order no less than the minimum amount stipulated by Oisix Hong Kong (hereinafter the "Qualifying Amount"), not limited to number of order, order quantity and order weight, delivery fees would be waived (two-temperature handling fees not included).
(5) "Membership period", the validity period of Delivery Passport membership. Even goods purchased on the last day (excluding pre-order goods) can be considered as purchase within the membership period.
2. (Goods Excluded)
Delivery fees incurred from returns or exchange of goods are not covered by Delivery Passport. Goods sold by third party retailer websites are also not covered by Delivery Passport.
3. (Conditions)
(1) Delivery Passport members are customers who have completed the registration procedures outlined by Oisix, agreed to the Delivery Passport Membership Terms, and approved by Oisix.
(2) Delivery Passport membership cannot be used for other commercial purposes.
(3) Delivery Passport membership is not available for third party use, lease, transfer, sale, etc.
(4) The following members are not allowed to use the Delivery Passport service.
ⅰ. Cancel Delivery Passport membership registration during membership period (hereinafter referred to as "withdrawal")
ⅱ. In debt or has been in debt to the Company (including membership fees).
ⅲ. Being found does not meet the conditions during membership period.
ⅳ. Any violation of the Company terms.
ⅴ. Other conditions the Company deems inappropriate.
(5) The Company staff may contact members during application period for confirmation.
(6) The Company will contact members by email 1 month before the expiration of Delivery Passport membership. If no termination request is received, it is assumed that members agree to automatic renewal of membership.
4. (Trial Period)
(1) The Company provides members who register for Delivery Passport for the first time a membership trial for a limited period (hereinafter referred to as "trial period"). Delivery Passport membership fees will not be charged if the withdrawal occurs within the trial period (only applies to first-time registration).
(2) Members are subjected to the Terms even during trial period.
(3) If no withdrawal request is received during trial period, it is assumed that members agree to automatic renewal of membership.
5. (Membership Fees)
(1) Delivery Passport membership is a paid membership system. Membership fees will not be refunded if withdrawal occurs during membership period (except during trial period).
(2) Membership fees will be charged after registration. Delivery Passport membership fees will be charged after trial period.
6. (Prohibited Actions)
(1) The Company reserves the right to cancel all or part of membership rights of any members who perform any of the following actions. The Company is not liable to any claims or compensation to members whom all or part of rights are cancelled.
ⅰ. Repeated acts of goods exchange or order cancellation, at the request of the Delivery Passport member.
ⅱ. Repeated registration and withdrawal of Delivery Passport membership.
ⅲ. Improper use of service during trial period.
ⅳ. Any violation of the Company terms.
ⅴ. Other conditions, in which the Company deems cancellation is required.
(2) A member whose membership is forfeited for any reason will also lose all rights of the Delivery Passport membership. The Company is not responsible for any losses or damages resulted from the loss of membership.
7. (Measures to Prohibited Actions)
The Company reserves the rights, without any prior notification, to carry out the following measures, if the Company recognizes a violation of the term above or Section 13 of Oisix Terms of Use (Prohibited Actions), and is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred.
(1) Warning message by e-mail.
(2) Measures outlined in Section 14 of Oisix Terms of Use (Measures taken against forbidden acts).
(3) Cancellation of all or part of rights of Delivery Passport membership, and impose regular shipping charges (including packaging and handling fees).
(4) Disclosure of the execution of measures above.
8. (Membership Withdrawal)
1. Delivery Passport members can withdraw membership in accordance to the procedures outlined by the Company.
2. Upon confirmation of the death of a member by the Company, the membership will be terminated, and the rights to Delivery Passport services will also be revoked.
9. (Changes in Terms)
Oisix reserves the right, without any prior notification, to change or amend the Terms at any time. When a change is made to the Terms, Oisix will make the updated copy available on its Site, and the Terms will go into effect immediately.
10. (Termination or Changes in Service)
The Company may at any time, without any prior notification, update or change the services provided for Delivery Passport members (hereinafter referred to as the "Member Service"). Prior notification will be given to members on termination of Member Service.
11. (Disclaimer)
The Company is not liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use of the membership services (including any monetary gains or losses from the Delivery Passport membership, indirect damages, special damages or legal fees). Matters on non-members, membership suspension, extension or cancellation refund will be handled in accordance with the corresponding terms of the Company.
12. (Matters not prescribed in the Terms)
Any matters not prescribed in the Terms would be acted in accordance to Oisix Terms of Use and Oisix Membership Terms.

Last updated: May 21, 2015


  • Purchase amount over 6,000JPY, waive delivery fee. Purchase amount over 8,000JPY, waive delivery additional handling fee.
  • You need to pay delivery fee if purchase under 6,000JPY.
  • Paid "Delivery Passport" won't be refund.
  • You will be notified by a reminder email one month in advanced before the "Delivery Passport" expiration.
  • "Delivery Passport" is set to automatically renew. To end your "Delivery Passport", please contact our customer service.
  • "Delivery Passport" will be effective from that purchase, not in advance.
  • "Delivery Passport" will not charge delivery fee.
  • If you purchase "Delivery Passport" and other products in the same order, ONLY products will charge the delivery fee.

Click the checkbox only if you agree to the terms.

【How to register】
1. Click "Register Delivery Passport", add to cart.
2. Click "Cart" on the top right corner to proceed payment.

*Payment cannot be refund after registration.
*For customers who had canceled "Delivery Passport" before, please contact us to proceed the registration.

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