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Kamiyama minced chicken (Tokushima) 200g

Frozen Express
★On Sale★
691 JPY ≈ 48.21 HK$

Kamiyama Whole chicken (Tokushima) 2.2kg

Frozen Express
3,980 JPY ≈ 277.70 HK$
*Sold Out

Kamiyama chicken drumsticks (Tokushima) 300g

Frozen Express
780 JPY ≈ 54.42 HK$

Kamiyama chicken breast (Tokushima) 240g

Frozen Express
598 JPY ≈ 41.72 HK$

Kamiyama chicken tenderloin (Tokushima) 250g

Frozen Express
780 JPY ≈ 54.42 HK$

Ginger-fried Kamiyama chicken (Shizuoka) 230g

Frozen Express
648 JPY ≈ 45.21 HK$

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