Oisix.daichi has a Privacy Mark (P Mark) granted by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC).

Personal Information Protection Policy

Oisix.daichi Inc.
Representative Director Kohei Takashima

With “promoting healthy eating habits for more people” as our foundation we are a food retail business. Beyond business, we believe it is our social duty to adequately protect your personal information, and will do so according to the policies outlined below.

1. Information Collection, Use, and Sharing
We will collect, use, and share your personal information as well as the personal information of our employees only for purposes clearly outlined only when necessary for the purpose of conducting our business operations. We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than these purposes.

2. Entrusting and Provision of Personal Information
In the case information collected according to the measures outlined in the paragraph above must be shared, in all or in part, we will take appropriate measures to ensure the protection of said personal information: including the selection of the receiving party according to adequate safety standards.

3. Compliance to Laws, Standards, and Guidelines for the Personal Information Protection
We will comply strictly with all local and national laws and ordinances regarding the protection of personal information

4. Safety Management
We will take reasonable safety measures to ensure the safety of personal information as well as to counter the risk of unauthorized access, leakage, loss, corruption, falsification of personal information.

5. Special Requests and Consultations Regarding Personal Informationて
We will respond in a timely manner without delay when we receive a request for disclosure, correction, addition, omission, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of provision to a third party, or a request for a notice of how their information is being used. We will also quickly reply to complaints, concerns, and requests for consultations or any other inquiries.

<Privacy Policy Inquiries>
Oisix.daichi Inc. Chief Privacy Officer

6. Privacy Protection Efforts (Privacy Protection Management System)
In order to adequately protect individual privacy we strive to continuously improve our privacy management system.

Created: July 1, 2007
Revised: November 26, 2007
Revised: January 4, 2008
Revised: July 1, 2010
Revised: April 1 2012
Revised: July 3 2017

Privacy Policy

Oisix.daichi Inc. (Oisix.daichi, We, Our, Us) in order to provide better high quality service to you, may collect and use your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address. In order to make the customer feel secure and to comply with laws and ordinances regarding personal information and privacy protection outline our Privacy Policy as defined below. This privacy policy outlines policies for how we use and manage customers employees as well as other related people (hereafter “Customer”) when conducting business. We are very sincere about security and exercising appropriate caution when dealing with private information and will strictly adhere to this Privacy Policy.

1. Compliance with the Law
The national law of Japan applies to our use, management and dealings with personal and private information. We strictly adhere to these laws as well as all other laws and ordinances related to personal information. We also adhere to guidelines set by governmental bodies. We will make any changes to our policy in order to comply with any changes in these laws.

2. Privacy
In order to provide better high-quality services we may use your name, address, telephone number, fax number, sex, email address, birthdate, credit card information, purchase history, family information, occupation, position, salary, assets, hobbies, preferences, ID, blog, homepage URL, social networking account ID, IP address, cell phone serial number, access logs, complaints, consults, inquiries, voice, or portrait. If necessary for provision of our services or for made-to-order or gift purchases, to customize the order we may make use of blood type information, height and weight measurements, ring size, or other necessary physical information or measurements. In addition to the information obtained directly through the customer, this policy agreement also applies to information indirectly obtained through the customer regarding the customer’s friends and family.

3. Use of Personal Information
We may use your personal information for the following purposes outlined below:

Purposes for use of Personal Information:

1. Customers’ Personal Information
(1) In order to market Products and Services of Oisix.daichi and third parties.(Including custom made orders requested by the Customer)
(2) Shipping of Products
(3) Billing purposes
(4) Manage Customers’ information
(5) To send out Mail Magazines
(6) Oisix.daichi and/or third party advertisements (including email and postal mail)
(7) To send notices necessary for business operations
(8) For seminars or events
(9) To contact the Customer regarding campaigns and lottery winnings as well as sending gifts and winnings.
(10) To implement questionnaires
(11) To provide Point Services and Affiliate Services
(12) To provide support for Products and Services as well as respond to inquiries
(13) For marketing purposes
(14) To collect marketing statistics
(15) To develop and improve Products and Services.
(16) System Maintenance
(17) To simplify registration procedures if the Customer has registered information with Oisix.daichi or subsidiary companies and is already using a Service.
(18) To provide services or features entrusted to business clients
(19) Performance of duties and obligations as well as exercise of rights granted by laws and contracts
(20) Additional individual cases to provide Services by Oisix.daichi
(21) All other kinds of contact, correspondence, or sending of relevant materials.
When receiving inquiries over the telephone, we may record the conversation for employee training purposes.

2. Personal Information of Clients (Including individual employees)
(1) For business related correspondence (including greeting cards) , collaboration, negotiations, fulfillment of contracts, and for billing purposes
(2) For information management as well as billing and/or other accounting purposes
(3) For sales and marketing promotions of Products and/or their producing areas
(4) For the publication of company history, company profile, or business reports
(5) In order to facilitate and provide information for our Services and events
(6) To request help with questionnaires and for other marketing and statistical purposes
(7) In the case of the client coming to Oisix.daichi, to protect our trade secrets
(8) In order to fulfill our duties such as those outlined in the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers as well as the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
(9) To ensure employees’ and clients’ strict compliance with the law.

3. In addition to the above paragraphs, we will make use of personal information of our clients for the following purposes
(1) To publish necessary information for operations
(2) To send necessary notices for operations
(3) For PR and sales promotions regarding Product planning and development and events
(4) For advertisement of Oisix.daichi’s Products as well as Products of third parties (Including email and postal mail)

4. Governmental personnel
(1) For necessary contact, reports and/or inquiries with concerned governmental agencies
(2) To ensure Oisix.daichi and its employees comply with the law

5. To fulfill contractual obligations with clients when entrusted with personal information from third parties.

6. Shareholder Privacy
(1) To perform obligations and exercise privileges granted by the law
(2) To provide shareholder accommodations and advantages
(3) To implement policies to provide harmonious relations between shareholders and Oisix.daichi.
(4) To manage shareholders according to the law (Shareholder data, etc.)
For the purposes outlined above, we may record phone conversations when receiving inquiries by telephone. We may use these recordings for employee training purposes.

7.Event Participation
(1) For contact to provide information about the event
(2) To provide information about related Products and Services as well as marketing and advertisement operations and for inquiries and investigations entrusted by clients
(3) To promote events
(4) To publics company history, business reports and company profiles
(5) For any necessary particular purpose for a particular event

8.Employment and Recruiting
(1) To provide information regarding recruiting and employment (including internships) as well as employment and application selection
(2) For recruitment purposes at Oisix.daichi
(3) To improve our website for recruitment purposes

9.Employee Personal Information
To manage our employees

10.Personal information of those visit or inquire Oisix.daichi that don’t apply to paragraphs 1 through 8 above
(1) For contact, correspondence, and sending of relevant materials

When we collect your personal information, we will use it for reasonable purposes and will not use it for purposes other than those listed above. In the case that we must your personal information for a purpose not listed above, we will notify you beforehand.

4. Credit Card Information for Internet Transactions
We may collect credit card information through our website. The purposes of this collection, the collector name, provider name, and retention period are outlined below

1. Purpose of Collection
(1) For settlement of payments for Products or Services by credit card
(2) To verify the account number and validity of the credit card with financial institutions

2. Collector Name
オイシックスドット大地株式会社 個人情報保護管理責任者 (Oisix.daichi Inc. Chief Privacy Officer)

3. Provider Name
Payment Substitution System Company entrusted by Oisix.daichi as well as Card Issuers indicated by the Customer
4. Retention Period
The retention period for credit card information is determined by laws or the shortest time period necessary for business. We will without delay delete the credit card information as soon as this retention period has passed.

5. Providing us With Your Information
You have the option to choose whether or not to provide us with your personal information. However please be aware that your personal information is necessary for many of our business operations. Therefore, if the is any lack or inaccuracy regarding your information, or if there is a refusal to provide us with requested information, you hinder business and many of our great services will not be provided to you. By not providing information to us we may not be able to provide services, ship Products, or even contact you. Also please understand that if some problem arises we may not answer your questions if you do not provide us with your personal information.

6. Privacy Management
Oisix.daichi in dealing with managing personal information and privacy establishes these duties to a Privacy Management Department responsible for ensuring privacy. When a new employee enters Oisix.daichi, they undergo special training on how to properly manage personal information, as well as further training at fixed intervals.

<Inquiries regarding Privacy Management>
Oisix.daichi Chief Privacy Officer

Oisix.daichi in order to ship Products, settle payments, conduct related after-sales services, send notifications regarding new Products and Services, or other related matters for business operations, will entrust the necessary minimum amount of personal information to consignees. We have contracts with these parties to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Note 1) Oisix.daichi consignees include producers of its products who directly ship to the customer, shipping and home delivery businesses, payment settlement institutions, billing and labeling business, credit card companies, financial institutions, credit collectors, Oisix.daichi marketing and information, and companies that perform data analysis for the purpose of improving our services.

8.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Excluding cases recognized by various laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law(2003), Oisix.daichi will adequately ensure the security of private information and will not, without your consent, provide information that identifies you to third parties. We will only provide your information when we have received your consent after specifying the receiver of the information and as well as what information will be sent. Exceptions to this are listed below:
(1) If consent has been received by the customer
(2) Compliance with the law
(3) In order to protect someone’s life, health, or assets and there is difficulty in obtaining consent from the customer
(4) In order to improve public health and sanitation, or for creating a safe environment and upbringing for children, Oisix.daichi will, in special cases, provide personal information as necessary when there is difficult obtaining the owner’s consent
(5) In compliance with national institutions and local governmental bodies, or with consignees as designated and required by law.

We ensure the security of your personal information. When dealing with your information, we will establish a person in charge to be responsible for such dealings who will ensure adequate safety measures are taken to ensure security and prevent leakage of information to outside parties. We will take adequate, appropriate and logical safety measures to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, corruption, or falsification of personal information.

Note 2) We have purchased a secure payment system that uses SSL certificates as well as a high-quality firewall to prevent unauthorized outside access to your information.

Note 3) On our Site, we make sure that any information that has a possibility of identifying you, require a password to access any pages that display such information.

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11. Access Logs
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12. Information Sharing with Third Party Advertisers
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13. Third Party Links
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14. Privacy Policy Changes
We may, without prior notice to you, change this Privacy Policy in order to comply with laws and ordinances. If we make any changes we will publish the revised version on the Oisix.daichi website. These changes will affect all customers.

15. Inquiries regarding the disclosure of Personal Information
Personal information legal disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, removal, usage suspension, suspension on provision to third parties, to request information regarding how personal information is used, complaints, concerns, consultations or any other related inquiries will be accepted by the Privacy Information Desk (Kaiji-tou ni kansuru uketsuke madoguchi). In all dealings with personal information we will first verify you are the rightful owner of the information before proceeding. If you no longer wish to continue receiving our mail magazines, please cancel your mail magazine subscription under the account settings page (If you have several accounts, you will have to unsubscribe for each account).

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Oisix.daichi Inc. Oisix Customer Support

Created: April 1, 2005
Revised: November 26, 2007
Revised: July 1, 2010
Revised: December 19, 2011
Revised: April 1, 2012
Revised: July 3, 2017

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