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Oisix.daichi Inc.

President Director:

Kohei Takashima


1-13-12 Higashigotanda
Ichigo Gotanda Building 10F
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan



0120-016-916 Reception

Selling Prices:

Oisix.daichi sells Products according to the prices displayed on its website. However, due to changing conditions, prices may change. If there is a difference between the current price and the price displayed at the time of the Order Confirmation, then the price shown at the time of the Order Confirmation will be applied.
Furthermore, a fixed sales price applies for publications under the resale system.

Shipping Charges:

Handling charges
Basic postage and shipping charges
Details regarding shipping charges, refrigerated shipping and handling fees, and COD can be confirmed on the Oisix.daichi website.
Please refer to shipping fees listed on the Oisix.daichi website for shipping to Hong Kong.

Other Costs to the Customer:

Sales Tax

Delivery Times:

Please refer to the estimated arrival date as indicated on the website for the Product.

Valid Order Period:

Please refer to the inventory information indicated on the website。
For Products that are sold for a limited time only, please make your order before the final date shown.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Credit Card (JCB・VISA・Master・Diners・American Express)

Payment Date:

After shipping of the Products and the request is made to the credit card company, the entire amount will be deducted on the date set by the credit card company.


Defective Goods:
Please inspect the condition of the products you received immediately when you receive them. We will accept exchanges and returns as outlined below.
For returns, please use the contact information listed above.

If there is an accident during shipping or if there is a big difference between the product you ordered and the product you received please contact Oisix.daichi within 8 days of when you receive the product, and we will exchange the product. We do not conduct exchanges based on the customer’s convenience. If the product has been used even once, there is damage or dirt caused by the customer, or the product has been opened then we cannot accept the return. For defective goods: please make a return application within 8 days of arrival for fresh goods and those without an “expiration date” (or “best if eaten by” date), or for products with an expiration date, before the expiration date has passed. We will not accept any returns later than this. For defective goods returned within 8 days, we will bear the shipping charges for the exchanged item.

License to Sell Alcohol:

License for Sales and Shipping of Alcohol granted by Japanese Law (品法 (酒) 第70号 平成16年8月27日 酒類販売業免許通知書)

Oisix Hong Kong Purchasing Guide

  • Delivery Date
    We offer Normal Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Special Delivery on Friday. To check ordering term, see the below.
    Delivery Date
    See Detail
  • Payment
    Oisix accept either Credit Card or PayPal.
    Visa/MasterCard/JCB/American Express/PayPal
  • Delivery Charge
    Orders less than 4,000JPY: 1,500JPY
    Orders between 4,000JPY and 10,000JPY: 1,000JPY
    Orders more than 10,000JPY: Free
    *Two temperature storage additional shipping charge
    Orders less than 10,000JPY: 500JPY
    Orders more than 10,000JPY: 1,000JPY
    *Delivery available from orders over 2,000JPY
  • Delivery Time
    You can arrange delivery time from below.
    Delivery Time
  • Delivery Area
    We can deliver to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon District and New Territories District, excluding some parts of the area. To check details about Delivery Area, click Oisix Delivery Area Table.
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